Easy and Flexible Appointment Schedule



Do you go to the parlor and wait for hours together? Relax, don’t get frustrated. We are here to help you, to make your parlor experience friendlier.  

We at Bookhaircut app enable you to fix an appointment at your favorite salons, at your convenience. No waiting, and no fuss.

You are just few clicks away. You need to open the home page of our app and first of all, you have to do is sign up. The information needed is the basic details of your mail id, cell number and a password for signing up. Once you are done, we are ready to go.

Just select and search a service that you need for the day. You will be shown a list of parlors where you can get it done. The list will include the parlors near/around your location  across the city and the services those parlors offer.


In case, you are confused about the address, there is a map too that can point the place where you want to book.

You just need to select any one salon, and click on the ‘Book Now’ button. It will show the timings during which the parlor is open.

If you scroll down, you will view a calendar page. This page shows the days where the bookings are open. It displays the open days in Green color, so that it is easy for you to conveniently choose a time slot as per your schedule. Again, the available time slots are shown. Make sure that you have selected the appropriate service at your desired salon and confirm the booking. There is a flexibility of booking your appointment for the coming weeks/months too.

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The app also shows the payment gateway charges and the total amount (and discounts too, if any) that you need to pay. Proceed to the payment method. Here you need to furnish your contact details which include your phone number and mail id. You can opt for card payment, net banking, wallet or UPI, whichever is suitable to you.

That’s it. Be in the parlor at the fixed time and get the services done, without having to wait. Try the app now and we are sure that you will never go back to your old way of going and waiting at the parlor and spending hours there.

Experience a never before, hassle free and relaxed Service, where you will be pampered right from the start to finish.