Women have always wanted to look and feel good. During olden days, all one could do was to just plait their hair or wrap it up in a bun. But now, there are innumerable ways of showing off your beautiful mane. Getting good hair is a gift from God but maintaining and styling it is a gift of the beauty parlors.

People are born with various different looks and no one haircut looks good for all faces. There are different haircuts and styles that enhance your face and its features. Here is a list of haircuts that you can go for.

List of haircuts for women :

  1. Straight / Blunt Cut : A straight cut is easy to maintain for any length of hair. Hair which is short, medium or long can be styled according to the occasion, as required. Hair that is cut straight across, adds thickness to the hair. More and more women find it easier to have a straight cut. It’s the hottest hairstyle of the season.

2. U – shape Cut : This is the best cut for long hair. If your hair is too thick, this cut makes it lose its full volume and looks flattering.

3. Deep U Cut : This cut too is more suitable for people with long hair. The longer the hair, more enhanced the deep U gets.

4. V – Shape Cut : The V cut is a heavily layered cut to create a V-shaped point at the ends. It looks good for long, short or medium length hair.

5. Feather Cut : It is a fine textured layered haircut, mostly created with razor. People with short, medium or long hair look good sporting it.

6. Layered Cut (Short and Long) : You can revive dull, limp hair by adding either short or long layers. Depending on the length of the hair, the layers length can be decided by the stylist. This cut looks good for people whose hair is naturally straight.

7. Razor Cut : A razor cut is done with a sharp, straight edge razor which slides down the hair shaft, slicing the hair. This results in sharp, tapered ends. This cut gives a softer look to the individual and is great for hair which is straight to moderately wavy.

8. Step Cut : This is a type of layer cut that has spacing in between. The layers do not blend and we can see the ‘steps’ in the hair. This hair is suitable for people with long hair and also having naturally wavy hair. The big, cascading steps add lot of volume if you have thin hair.

9. Step with Razor : This is a step cut with defined sharp edges given with a razor.

10. Step with Layer : Also, a step cut where the steps are cut in the form of layers. It is not cascading as in the normal step cut but has more of layers to it.

11. Step with Feather : A feather always looks feminine and ultra chic. Team it with a simple step cut, and voila! You have hair that will make eyes turn.

12. Fringes : Fringes or bangs look good if you have a wide forehead. Adding fringes also gives some volume to thin hair. Now-a-days, blunt bangs have become a rage among everyone.

13. Pixie Cut : A pixie cut is just fine for short, straight hair. A textured, especially side swept pixie is a timeless classic, that has never out of style.

14. Bob Cut : This looks good if your hair is straight and fine. A bob cut is best when you have shoulder length hair. A long bob, with ends that are cut shorter at the back makes thin hair look dense. If you want to look stylish and trendy, this is for you. A bob cut generally suits people with oval shaped face.